Monday, March 29, 2010

Today we decided to start making our Easter eggs!  Instead of plastic eggs, I bought some wooden eggs from The Golden Cockerel.  This way, they are sturdy and we can reuse them over and over.  They are also a bit bigger than normal eggs, so they hold more fun things inside!  Cillian and I painted three eggs today, using natural dye (Kool Aide & vinegar).  We rubbed alcohol on the eggs, to make the wood more porous.

Needless to say, Cillian must have kissed me a hundred times in the course of painting the eggs since he was having so much fun!

The purple egg looks black, so I don't think we will be using that color again!  Yellow didn't turn out at all, but I will need it to make green.  I don't know if we will continue to use more Kool Aide/vinegar or move on to something like encaustic paint.  We will have to see.

Instead of candy for Cillian, we have decided to get him some organic and natural fun snacks that he doesn't get to eat everyday.  This way it will be a fun and a surprise.  We are going to put in Annie's bunnies fruit snacks and some Happy Melts, since he loves both!  We will also be using putting scriptures into the eggs, to make them resurrection eggs!  This is a great tradition that we are starting this year to really tie in the eggs to Christ's resurrection.  



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