Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spending time with Christ this Easter

Noli Me Tangere. Antonio Allegri Corregio (1494-1534).

Today, I have spent time organizing my spiritual journal by indexing it.  It has been wonderful reflecting over scriptures, confessions, conferences, prayers and retreats collected from over 6 years!  I have captured sacred moments and personal highs and lows.  What a blessing it is to have a record of my growth in the Lord!  It will be finished and a new one will start in only a few pages.  (Well, I did start another one in the mist of this one, so I had two journals going at the same time.)  One of my motivations for doing this, other than coming to an end of an era, is this blog called A Holy Experience.  It is such a great blog to read and get remotivated to journal more (especially to journal in one spot). 

I pray that this Eastertide brings me closer to Christ more than ever it is our anniversary...bonded by baptism only six years ago.



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